Do you think water treatment is an unnecessary process that's not worth your time or money?

You couldn't be more wrong!  


If your water systems aren't checked and maintained regularly you could be in danger of harmful bacteria infecting your water supply!


If you doubt the importance of water treatment, look no further than the image to the right! That is what the bottom of a Cold Water Storage Tank looks like when it hasn't been maintained properly with regular

scheduled sterilisations. But it's not only loose dirt and bacteria in your water tanks or balance tanks that you need to worry about.

An even more serious consequence of not having professionals keeping a regular check on your water systems is the building up of bacteria such as Legionella (left) which in high numbers can cause nasty illnesses like Pontiac fever, Lochgoilhead fever and the deadly Legionnaires’ disease.

But don't worry, that's where we come in!

Us here at Hullbridge Water Services, with our highly skilled team, are committed to making your water safe so that you don't encounter the problems that come with bacteria ridden water! If you are interested in seeing our full services, click here or contact us for more information and a free estimate.

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Our Services Include

Cold Water Storage Tank Cleaning  // Pool and Spa Balance Tank Cleaning  // Heating System Maintenance // Legionella and Bacterial Control // And Much More...

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