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Please feel free to browse through some of our previously completed works..



Cold Water Storage Tank Clean and Disinfection

This Cold Water Storage Tank was flagged as a high risk on the legionella risk assessment due to the large amount of sediment settled in the bottom. 



Cold Water Storage Tank Clean and Disinfection

It was therefore necessary to drain down the tank, then clean and disinfect the tank using Silver Hydrogen Peroxide.


Hot Water Storage Vessel Descale

The hot water storage vessel required an annual descale according to HSG274 Part 2 (page 31, table 2.1). The cylinder was drained, the inspection hatch removed, descaler applied to the internals, then the debris cleaned out.


Hot Water System Inhibitor Dosing

The heating system water checks highlighted the need for inhibitor to be dosed into the system. This was completed using pH neutral inhibitor into a dosing pot.

Thermostatic Mixing Valve

Thermostatic Mixing Valve Installation

The existing TMV supplying a bank of showers in a leisure centre failed, this was replaced like for like.


Solenoid Valve Installation

A pool top up solenoid valve at a leisure centre wasn't operating correctly, this was tested, removed and replaced with new.


Cold Water Booster Pumps Installation

A new set of booster pumps were installed after cold water wasn't reaching all outlets on site.


Overflow Pipwork Installation

Overflow pipework installed into a tank and run to appropriate drainage. 


Steam Generator Installation for Health Spa

A new steam generator was installed for a health spa steam room. The electrics and pipework were both renewed, the pipes insulated and the unit set at 45°C.


Chilled Drinking Fountain Installation

A gym required the installation of a chilled drinking fountain with a sensored bottle filler. New pipework was run for the water and a fused spur installed to accomodate the new fountain.


Clean and Disinfection of Swimming Pool Overflow Channel

Due to poor balancing at a public swimming pool, the overflow channel was filled with sediment, this was removed using a wet vac and scourers, then the channels were shock dosed with Sodium Hypochlorite.

bulk tank installation.PNG

Sodium Hypochlorite Bulk Tank Installation

A 2000 litre Sodium Hypochlorite Bulk tank was installed in a public swimming pool's plant room, including all uPVC pipework and fill up valves.


Installation of Sodium Hypochlorite Day Tank and Fibreglass Lining

A new Sodium Hypochlorite day tank was installed along with an agitator and dosing system.


Fibreglass Lining of Sodium Hypochlorite Bund Area

The previous fibreglass lining in this bund area was degraded and required replacement. The floor was repaired using plywood sheeting, then fibreglass lined and top coated.


Plant Room Accessibility Improvements

The booster pump set was blocking off access to the Cold Water Storage Tanks. The pumps were moved and repiped, then the new walking platform was installed using plywood and the bespoke steps built.

handrail install.PNG

Handrail Fabrication and Installation

This steep stairwell didn't have a handrail installed, this was made and installed by one of our engineers. 


Wooden Decking Slipway Repair

The main wooden slipway at a water sports reservoir collapsed and required emergency repairs. 


Wooden Decking Slipway Repair

The structural beams were replaced, then the decking boards were secured down.


Wooden Flooring Installation

The tiled carpet flooring in an office space was removed and replaced using laminate wooden flooring.


Installation of Changing Room Cubicals

A leisure centre required extra changing space so we installed new changing cubicals.


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